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  • Colonel David Fivecoat

    David G. Fivecoat

    Masters in Military Arts and Science, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College

    Masters in National Security Strategy, National War College

    Bachelor of Science, Military History, United States Military Academy

    Colonel (Retired) David Fivecoat is a writer, speaker, historian, amateur cyclist and leadership consultant. During his 24 years of service in the Army, Colonel Fivecoat trained, mentored and coached hundreds of people to be better leaders.

    While in uniform, he trained and led teams during contingency operations in Kosovo and Bosnia, three combat tours in Iraq, and a combat tour in Afghanistan. His final assignment was as the commander of Ranger School, the Army’s premier leadership school.

    In addition, he has published articles on history and leadership in Parameters, Military Review, Infantry and Armor magazines.

    Sessions include:

    • Leadership Secrets of Great American Generals
    • Grit and Determination: Leadership Lessons from the U.S. Army’s Ranger School
    • The Leader’s Intent: Using the US Army’s Purpose, Method, and End State to Get the Most Out of Your Team
    • The Rheostat Adjustment Model: A Leader’s Tool for Decreasing Complacency

    Facilitation includes:

    • Experiential leadership training at Gettysburg, Little Big Horn, Normandy, Kennesaw Mountain and Chickamauga battlefields*
    • Battle-based classroom programs on Gettysburg, Little Big Horn, Normandy, Chickamauga and the Ia Drang Valley*
    • Championing Diversity and Inclusiveness: The Integration of Professional Baseball*
    • Leading in Crisis (Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore, General Robert E. Lee and Ernest Shackleton)*
    • Leading in Transition (General Robert E. Lee, Colonel Joshua Chamberlain and General Frank Savage)*
    • Leading with Character (Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill and General George Meade)*

    * Requires coordination through Battlefield Leadership