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    The Leadership Institute at Columbus State University is a university-based consulting group that provides expertise and training in leadership development, executive coaching, team building, assessments and strategic planning.

    The Leadership Institute is powered by Columbus State University and collaborates with CSU's Butler Center for Business and Economic Research at the D. Abbott Turner College of Business, the Social Research Center, and University Information Technology Services (UITS) to deliver research-based business solutions and services.

    This synergy between the Leadership Institute and the University results in a distinctive and data-driven approach to leadership and business strategy.

    • Strategic Planning
    • Team Building
    • Leadership Development
    • Executive Coaching
    • Assessments

    Under the banner of Get the Big Things Right, the Leadership Institute at Columbus State University offers comprehensive and customized strategic business development services focused around four key areas:

    • Vision
    • Strategy
    • Leadership
    • Measurement

    From these four fundamental areas, customized programs are created.

    We can help you redefine your future with a uniquely customized strategy for transforming the culture and character of your workplace so that each employee is more productive, more resourceful, more intuitive, and more engaged.

    Get the Big Things Right, is a robust process that engages senior leadership in the design and implementation of a customized program to achieve the organization’s vision.

    From upper management to the frontline, it is essential that teams Get the Big Things Right,

    Strategic Planning turns today’s challenges into tomorrow’s successes.

    We offer team building programs designed to immerse participants in results-driven experiential learning (teaching opportunities that are both novel and meaningful).

    Participants will have a unique opportunity to acquire a better understanding of individual and team performance. Your corporate vision, mission, values and desired leadership competencies can all be integrated into these customized programs.

    Our staff helps your team develop the tools they need to set goals, measure productivity, and energize teams to succeed. Supplementing each learning experience with effective facilitation and focused debriefs, we ensure that participants connect insights with action and results

    Participants have a great time, and the organizations see real benefits.

    Experiences can be tailored to your team’s needs — from a few hours to a full-day, we will handle all of the details for you, from logistics to accommodations, to meals.

    Team Building Activities

    Forget Build-A-Bear. How about building a bike? And what’s even better? Building a bike to donate to deserving children in the community. Bring your team together to work through a hands-on bicycle build under the supervision of a professional bike mechanic. You’ll have to decipher manuals, finagle tools, and earn the parts to safely construct your two-wheeler. Upon completion, we’ll coordinate with local agencies to ensure your project is gifted to a child in need, and your team will take home priceless memories and warm, fuzzy feelings. (3 weeks advance notice required for scheduling this activity.)

    Gain a thorough appreciation of the physical effort, teamwork, and communication skills required to become a successful soldier in today’s Army. Through the use of an obstacle course and other outdoor activities, such as compass reading and mapping, participants will walk in soldiers’ shoes as they prepare for their role in protecting our country.

    Utilizing the unique approach of “Ensemble Leadership,” Comedy U focuses on improving communication within a group, problem solving, conflict prevention, creative thinking, and team building. Participants will emerge ready to tackle any challenge with an open mind and a spirit of collaboration, while rolling with laughter and bursting with new-found skills and knowledge.

    An immersive experience using the orchestra rehearsal as a model for exploring various leadership styles and communication techniques that a conductor uses to focus group efforts, inspire individual creativity, and create a team environment in the pursuit of a specific goal. Participants are embedded within the orchestra, experiencing the importance of eye contact, feedback, multitasking, and technical versus inspirational leadership.

    Leadership requires teams to face fears, take a deep breath, and climb UPWARD! Columbus State University’s indoor rock climbing wall will allow participants to experience leadership on the edge! Using the verbal cues of your teammates and honing listening skills, participants will climb to the top together

    The Army runs like a well-oiled machine, with each soldier able to depend on his or her battle buddy no matter what. Your team can experience that kind of trust and rapport too – if you’re willing to lead like a soldier. Learn to work together more effectively by completing the same type of leadership or team development courses that our soldiers train on. It will take both brains and brawn to be successful. Anyone at any fitness level can participate. (60 days advance notice required for scheduling this activity. Requested dates are approved based on course availability and unit sponsorship as military training takes priority.)

    Sometimes you have to be willing to put it all on the line for a greater cause. And sometimes, that line stretches all the way across the Chattahoochee River! Aerial obstacles provide a different type of challenge, as you problem-solve and strategize to ensure every team member successfully completes the course. Take a leap of faith with your team and build skills like confidence, trust, and communication as you face fears together.

    Participants are immersed in a realistic Mission Control and Space Station environment. Through this innovative experiential hands-on learning experience participants will be exposed to real-world skills necessary for success in today’s workforce. Some of these skills are: collaborating, communicating, decision-making, problem-solving, risk taking, and team building.

    Crack the case on the unfortunate Mr. Kelley, who has met an untimely demise. Figure out “whodunit,” how and why by working together to earn clues through completing challenges. Participant teams will get to select which clues they want in which order – so be sure to choose wisely! Throughout the activity, teams will practice problem solving and explore conflict resolution opportunities.

    Reset your mind and reconnect with nature while getting hands-on with the creatures featured at Oxbow Meadows. A guided nature hike, canopy trail tour, and other unique eco-opportunities await your team as you practice creative thinking, build trust, and face your fears together.

    Participants will engage their imaginations and motivate each other to create their best work of art. Together you will create a memorable, sometimes surprising painting that reflects the dynamics of the team at work. Whether contributing to a larger group painting or individual masterpieces, each artist will take home a ready-to-hang canvas as a reminder of the leadership lessons discussed.

    Just because you’re having fun on the clock doesn’t mean it’s child’s play. Boost morale and camaraderie with some friendly competition among your team. We’ll put a new spin on team bowling challenges and test your strategic thinking skills as you battle for virtual glory in laser tag. Working together effectively takes many forms and teams who know how work hard, play hard achieve more success.

    All work and no play makes you an uninspired leader. When was the last time you exercised your creativity to create something tangible and new? We believe that "makers" come in all shapes and sizes, and that leadership is crucial to making a difference in your business, organization and personal spheres of influence. Work on honing your leadership skills of planning, communication and execution while crafting something out of nothing - literally!

    The successful organization relies on cooperation, teamwork, productivity, communication and motivation. In this activity, participants will create, execute, and compete with their fellow program participants in the kitchen preparing a gourmet meal. This session is designed to include the right ingredients for individual “Recipes for Success.” Participants will be challenged to demonstrate behaviors that reflect the appreciation of differences in others to collaborate on a culinary masterpiece.

    Based on the Amazing Race concept, this program will test each team’s ability to think creatively and work together efficiently as they decipher the clues and successfully meet challenge objectives. Each participant will practice the team building skills of high level communication, planning for execution, flexibility, emotional intelligence, collaboration, trust, strategy and performing under pressure. This program can adapted so that all activities take place within the Cunningham Center on the main campus of Columbus State University, or at various locations in Uptown Columbus.

    The Great Escape! is an interactive adventure game designed to challenge participants to think creatively, communicate effectively, and problem solve under duress. You and your team will use skill and wit to escape from a locked room. You’ll have to make the most of individual strengths to decipher a series of clues and find the key that opens the door to freedom. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?

    Are you ready for the ride of a lifetime? This program provides a RUSH of adrenaline while emphasizing key leadership skills. Learn to communicate under pressure and work together towards a common goal. Practice moving in sync with your team to provide enough momentum for powering through rough challenges. When the going gets tough, try going with the flow to keep your head above water. This activity can be combined with other programs for a full-day leadership adventure.

    At CSU’s Leadership Institute, we believe that leadership skills can be taught and understood at all levels within organizations, regardless of any inherent leadership qualities. We develop customized programs that identify, define and nurture the critical skills needed to develop effective leaders in business, government and non-profit organizations.

    Leaders are seldom successful in isolation, so the focus needs to be on how the leader influences the team/organization in which he/she works. Without effective leadership, there is no effective teamwork. Leading teams is a critical ability leaders must have. It must be developed and supported by the organization to which he or she belongs.

    We have a wide variety of sessions to meet your needs. Whether it’s a lunch meeting, half day or full day session, we can develop a topic for you or use one of our already established sessions.

    Available sessions

    • Adaptive Leadership
    • Change is Good, you go First! Leading Change
    • Climate and Culture
    • Coaching and Developing a High Performance Teams
    • Creating a Leadership Profile
    • Creating Vision, Mission and Values
    • Customer Focused Leadership
    • Developing Yourself and Others
    • Effective Customer Communications
    • Engaging Your Team
    • Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness
    • Five Characteristics of a Great Team
    • Foundations of Leadership: The Paradigm Shift
    • From Ties to Tattoos: Leading Different Generations in a Common Workplace
    • GROWing Others Through Coaching, Mentoring and Recognition
    • How to Develop a Personal Leadership Development Plan
    • Leading a High Performance Team
    • Making Communication Work at Work
    • Setting Priorities from the Inside out: Effective Time Management
    • Supervising and Empowering
    • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Exercise and Strategic Planning
    • The Changing Nature of Leadership
    • Working With you is Killing me: Conflict Resolution

    Helping to bring the best out in your leaders.

    One-on-one personal coaching is a powerful tool to leverage personal leadership strengths with specific leadership challenges.

    The Leadership Institute at Columbus State University is committed to providing trained and certified personal coaches who partner with individual’s to unlock their full leadership potential — resulting in sustainable performance and positive results.

    Individual coaching will help form and develop new leaders for your organization, enhance the skills of team
    leaders, navigate career choices, and balance leadership and life issues.

    Based upon selected leadership assessment tools, coaching sessions will vary in depth and duration.

    Each session is tailored specifically to the needs of the client.

    Assessment tools are critical to attracting, developing and retaining team members.

    We believe that an effective leadership development program begins with an honest evaluation of where participants are, a clear vision of where you want your organization to go, and an accurate assessment of the leadership team charged with getting you there.

    The Leadership Institute at Columbus State University offers a suite of tools to assess individual leaders and the synergy of your leadership team. These tools will help build and sustain an effective leadership team at every level of your organization

    Our assessment tools are accredited, time-tested, valid, and reliable.

    By choosing one or several of these assessments, you can make these tools part of a customized leadership development program which will greatly assist in developing your leaders and your team.

    • 360 By Design, a customized Leadership Skills Inventory
    • BarOn EQ-i®, EQ 360™ and ESCI
    • DISC Personality Profile System
    • Emergenetics
    • Executive Dimensions
    • Hogan Assessments Suite (Performance Predictor Assessments)
    • Lominger LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT© Cards
    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
    • Prospector RightPath
    • StrengthsFinder
    • The Leadership Challenge
    • Thomas-Kilmann COnflict Mode Instrument