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Sometimes an organization's budget, size or existing training program doesn't allow for a customized approach. We've developed our walk-on programs with this in mind. These series are open to participants at any level from any company or organization. With interactive and entertaining sessions, participants will learn relevant skills they can use in their professional lives.

Participants have the option to attend one session at a time or the full program lineup, all while working toward a Leadership Excellence Certification. Click on the program below for more information.

In business, you must constantly think in terms of establishing bench depth and grooming the key players of tomorrow, rather than getting caught without star performers when they're needed. Developing talent ensures that vital positions in an organization have qualified internal candidates ready to step into key roles, reducing the risk of business disruption from talent loss. How Deep is Your Bench is designed to help develop your front-line, emerging and first-time leaders.

This 10-month program will develop the essential skills needed to build positive relationships, inspire engagement, and drive productivity. This program will dismantle the traditional training format by using a combination of e-learning opportunities (virtual sessions) and self-paced assignments in each month. Participants will also have skills practice with presentations. Each month, there will be an assignment schedule and rubric provided.

We will use a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning formats. There will be instructor-led virtual sessions with schedule dates and times. Additionally, on-demand and self-paced assignments for asynchronous learning.

10-Month Program: $1,199. If you choose this option, you will automatically be enrolled in the full program (10 sessions) and will save $469 versus purchasing individual sessions.

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  • January: Foundations of Leadership
    Kick-off January 12 | 9 am | Wrap-up January 29 | 9 am
    • This session introduces the key areas of leadership development and establishes a baseline for leadership growth and enhancement. Participants will learn about and discuss the core principles of leadership, understand the shifting paradigm of leadership and conduct a self-assessment of their leadership competencies.
  • February: Making Communication Work at Work: Understanding Behavior and Personality Through DISC Kick-off February 9 | 9 am | Wrap-up February 26 | 9 am
    • Did you know that people are influenced and motivated differently? Have you ever wondered why you can say one thing to one person, and get a certain response, then say exactly the same thing to another person, and get a different response? The reason is people have different personality styles, and each personality has a different priority. Knowing personality styles helps you to understand yourself and others! This session will introduce attendees to DISC ("D" is the Dominant type; "I" is the Inspiring type; "S" is the Supportive type; "C" is the Cautious type). This information will help you to better understand yourself and others as a first step towards better communication and understanding in the workplace and at home.
  • March: Setting Priorities
    Kick-off March 9 | 9 am | Wrap-up March 26 | 9 am
    • You can't manage time – time just is! You can only manage yourself and how you make the most of your time. Using your time effectively includes the principles and systems that people utilize to make a conscious decision on priorities that will occupy their time. These core activities include managing activity and energy, defining desired outcomes, and determining actions that must be completed in a specific time frame.
  • April: Presence in the Workplace
    Kick-off April 6 | 9 am | Wrap-up April 30 | 9 am
    • The stronger and more effectively you manage that brand, the more value you convey to your colleagues, and to your company as a whole. Those who are unable to harness the power of presence will soon be outpaced in their professional lives by their peers. This session will highlight the components of establishing presence, to include dynamic behavior, poise, self-confidence, and non-verbal communication that underscores competency.
  • May: Five Characteristics of a Great Team
    Kick-off May 4 | 9 am | Wrap-up May 28 | 9 am
    • Trust, agility, communication and systematic encouragement are hallmarks of a high-performance team. Participants will have the opportunity to diagnose and rate the qualities that make their team effective. Participants will identify the qualities that make for a high performance team, learn effective team building techniques, reaffirm the value and effectiveness of the team process and understand the leader as a team builder.
  • June: Working With you is Killing me: Conflict Resolution
    Kick-off June 8 | 9 am | Wrap-up June 25 | 9 am
    • The toughest part of any job is dealing with the people around you. In this session, you will learn the process of conflict and its resolution. Conflict is not fun for most of us, but avoiding it can cause irreparable damage to you and your team. Clarifying the facts, the players and the positions in the conflict are key to the start of a real discussion on the most workable options to move to the most positive outcome.
  • July: Customer Focused Leadership
    Kick-off July 6 | 9 am | Wrap-up July 30 | 9 am
    • A strong customer focus is the key to performance excellence. Participants will focus on improved reaction to customer concerns and complaints to gain a deeper appreciation for quality service. They will learn to use encounters as opportunities to enhance your company's image and the motivation to create a culture of customer-focused leadership.
  • September: How to be a Coach
    Kick-off September 7 | 9 am | Wrap-up September 24 | 9 am
    • Effective coaching empowers others by agreeing on challenging goals, discovering responsibilities that bring out the best and discovering new ways to creatively develop the potential of team members. Participants will learn how to reinforce behavior and motivation of peak performers; how to anticipate and confidently handle difficult responses to coaching; how to achieve agreement on areas of poor performance and developmental and action plans to improve them; and how to recognize and reward employees based on their needs as individual.
  • October: Leading Change
    Kick-off October 5 | 9 am | Wrap-up October 29 | 9 am
    • You will focus on the impact of change and review the eight steps in the change process. Participants will be equipped to be proactive rather than reactive to change, enabled to better lead an organization in a rapidly changing environment and understand the skills necessary to take charge of change.
  • November: Graduation and Presentations from Full Program Participants
    November 19 | 9 am

Next Level Leadership Excellence Certification

Once leaders have a good foundation of self-awareness and know what a leader should be, they need to be equipped to tackle some of the more difficult leadership topics, such as building a collaborative environment, communicating for clear understanding and creating an inclusive workplace.

In the Game is designed to develop your team leads and managers so they can help make those around them more successful. This program covers new competencies necessary to lead at the next level.

The Leadership Institute will use a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning formats. There will be instructor-led virtual sessions with scheduled dates and times. Additionally, on-demand and self-paced assignments for asynchronous learning will be provided. Sessions are $199 each, if you sign up for the full program at $1,699, you’ll also receive a 360 assessment and 1 hour of executive coaching.

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  • January: The Leadership Challenge
    Kick-off January 12 | 11 am | Wrap-up January 29 | 11 am
    • This session allows participants to examine sources of credibility, logical argument and emotional appeal. The focus is on the real-world applications of the practices of leadership that have been developed by James Kouzes and Barry Posner.
  • March: Unconscious Bias
    Kick-off March 9 | 11 am | Wrap-up March 26 | 11 am
    • Unconscious bias occurs automatically as the brain makes quick judgments and takes short cuts. This session focuses on ways to identify and address unconscious bias for better professional relationships and communication. Common types of biases and creative solutions are presented.
  • May: Difficult Conversations
    Kick-off May 4 | 2 pm | Wrap-up May 28 | 11 am
    • Your first step in managing a difficult conversation (even if it happens suddenly) is to consider the potential outcomes and decide whether or not the conversation has enough value for you. This session will show participants ways to consider the consequences, as well as how to explore their frame of reference, establish positive intent, and identify what they want from the conversation. Participants will explore a seven-step framework for difficult conversations. They will also create a template to help them plan future conversations.
  • July: Leading Different Generations in a Common Workplace
    Kick-off July 6 | 2 pm | Wrap-up July 30 | 11 am
    • Is the new workforce different from the retiring workforce? A focus on generational differences presumes that each generation is fundamentally different, thus, leading to frustration and stress, especially in the workplace. The recognition of values that bridge generational gaps, within the context of a healthy organizational culture, can instead strengthen the organization from the inside out.
  • September: Climate and Culture
    Kick-off September 7 | 11 am | Wrap-up September 24 | 11 am
    • The climate and culture of an organization is determined by a variety of factors, including individual character, established policies and practices, actions of leaders, and environmental mission issues. Participants will discuss and identify characteristics of a healthy climate and culture and complete a brief assessment.
  • November: Strategic Thinking and Graduation for Full Program Participants
    November 19 | 11:30 am