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Jason Summerville

Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Columbus State University
Master of Science in Human Resource Management, Southern New Hampshire University

Jason Summerville has been a noteworthy leader in the Organizational Developmental space with a rooted passion for elevating leaders and organizations to perform and win impeccably.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Columbus State University, a Master of Science in Human Resource Management from Southern New Hampshire University, Situational Leadership Certification (ICF), Certification of Organizational Development & Coaching (ICF), DiSC, and Stregthensfinders.

Jason‘s expertise lies in developing mental models to execute scalable organizational structures and strategies for strategic planning, performance management, cultural dynamics, leadership development, executive coaching, and DEI policy curation. To simplify those buzzwords, Jason focuses on not so much ‘what‘ an organization does but ‘how‘ the organization gets work done!

Beyond his professional responsibilities, Jason spends countless hours playing competitive Pickleball, serving as a member of the Advance Speakers Round Table Toastmasters Club, and indulging in professional development literature.


Personality Preferences

  • DiSC: I/D
  • Strengthsfinder: Activator, Woo, Resortive, Achiever, Adaptability