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Christina Martin

Christina Martin is a certified life coach, trainer, and motivational speaker who loves solving people-oriented problems.

Christina has traveled all over the country training, presenting and coaching executives, leaders and professionals, on how to bridge the gap between their goals and the activity needed to achieve them. She’s extremely passionate about providing her audience with learning and coaching experiences that encourage introspection & self-reflection and utilizing radical candor in a non-judgmental, and empathetic environment, in order to help others get out of their own way.

Christina received her coaching certification from the International Association of Certified Coaches, is a certified virtual trainer, and is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. She is currently attending Southern New Hampshire University pursuing her degree in I/O Psychology and Organizational Leadership.

Personality Preferences

  • Myers-Briggs: INFJ
  • DISC: I/D
  • DISC (Velocity): Dove, Parrot, Owl
  • Strength Finder: Strategic | Positivity | Relator | Empathy | Communication
  • Enneagram: The Loyalist (Type 6)